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This year will restore the brick and wrought-iron cemetery fence. This was the director of the Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve "Lychakiv Cemetery".

«We have started maintenance forged fence between the two input gates. Repair touch stone blocks from foundation to painting. This is the volume element in financial terms. In addition, planned to renovate incoming Austrian gate 1917 which is at the entrance from the street Cheremshyny.

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Report Data

  •   Anonymous
Order date: 3 october 2012
Surname/Name deceased person: Nikolay D., Anna M.
City: Lviv
Name of cemetery: Lychakiv cemetery
Completed works:
  • Done cleaning the place of burial, perimeter
  • Grinding and polishing the base of the monument, stella
  • Wet cleaning of the monument, anti-corrosion treatment and antifungal tool
  • Restoration of the upper plate
  • Painting the fence
  • Mounted lamps

Due date:

10 october 2012


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Christian tradition

Custom to visit the graves of loved ones inherent to almost all people all faiths may a few exceptions. Christian, particularly the Orthodox, tradition and care visit the final resting place for a loved one is descended from the previous Greco-Roman Christianity and partly Jewish customs.

Should I go to the cemetery on Easter

Those who buried their loved ones are concerned about, "When taken to visit the graves in accordance with orthodox precepts?". So, in Christianity, direct bans on visiting cemeteries any days there is little, but it has spread over the years of the Soviet regime used to care for the graves or simply visit them at Easter is largely contrary to the spirit of this church festival.

This is especially true at the grave of drinking alcohol. And drink a holiday is not a sin, and remember, too close, but Easter - the day of the Resurrection of the Lord, and not the commemoration of the dead. Moreover, for the believing Christian Holy Week should not have any way to communicate with the idea of death.

Parent days

To visit the graves of the best days are the so-called Radonitsa SATURDAY. Memorial Easter - the ninth day after Easter Sunday is of course Tuesday. For most people this time. But with the possibility of this day should visit the grave. If you can not you can in the morning or the night before to defend the church service or even to pray for the souls of the dead.

Intended to visit the cemeteries are considered SATURDAY - days before the day of the Holy Trinity and the Holy Day. Dimitri. This is a holy day of autumn. Also in the category of parenting are the second, third and fourth Saturdays of Lent, there are three Saturday before Holy Week (Easter Week itself to visit the graves is not desired).

Is also a good reason to visit - the birthday of the deceased and the day of his patron saint. Although it is just remembering a loved one, it is useful to bring order to his grave.

If someone is forced to visit the cemetery to choose other days, for example, because of the work schedule, it may not condemn anybody. It is better to lead a regular grave in decent condition, when it is possible to find the time, than to be there every day of the year in the put and do not remember a year.

Of course, monitor the condition and appearance of the burial useful throughout the year, as if the world is really a place, so closely associated with the memory of the deceased, then this place should be kept in decent condition.


To order funeral services: landscaping and cleaning graves, restoration of graves and monuments, search for graves in the cemetery, please contact via Online ordering form or by any available method in the section CONTACTS
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Entrance to the State Historical and Cultural Museum-Preserve "Cemeteries" expensive. Previously adult ticket cost 10 hryvnia, now - 15.

Authorization granted by its decision meeting of the executive committee of the Lviv City Council.

As explained museum director Michael Nagai, providing historical information for groups up to 10 people will be 80 hryvnia (previously 50 hryvnia) for groups where more than 20 persons - 120 hryvnia (was 80 hryvnia).

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