01 March 2013

Entrance to Lychakiv cemetery

Written by  gravecare

Entrance to the State Historical and Cultural Museum-Preserve "Cemeteries" expensive. Previously adult ticket cost 10 hryvnia, now - 15.

Authorization granted by its decision meeting of the executive committee of the Lviv City Council.

As explained museum director Michael Nagai, providing historical information for groups up to 10 people will be 80 hryvnia (previously 50 hryvnia) for groups where more than 20 persons - 120 hryvnia (was 80 hryvnia).

Meanwhile ticket for adults will cost hryvnia 15 and for children older than 12 years, and students - 8 hryvnia (was 5 hryvnia). At the same time ticket for children under 12 years will cost 5 hryvnia (was 3 hryvnia).

Fee for amateur photography camera is 10 hryvnia (was 5 hryvnia), excursion to electric - 100 hryvnia, and the cost of toilets for adults - 2 hryvnia (previously - 1 hryvnia).

General services rose by about 50%.

As noted Mr. Nagai, previous price list has remained unchanged since 2008. And by that time increased the minimum wage and utilities. "At the same time reduced the number of burial sites at the Lviv cemetery and this resulted in a reduction in income - said Mr. Nagai. - In addition, during this period, prices have improved in all the other museums."

So the decision about the growing cost of services at the Lviv cemetery taken to ensure break-even museum activities and ensure that the performance of the financial plan and subsequent years.


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