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Post: 21 May 2013 in: News

This year will restore the brick and wrought-iron cemetery fence. This was the director of the Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve "Lychakiv Cemetery".

«We have started maintenance forged fence between the two input gates. Repair touch stone blocks from foundation to painting. This is the volume element in financial terms. In addition, planned to renovate incoming Austrian gate 1917 which is at the entrance from the street Cheremshyny.

Post: 01 March 2013 in: News

Entrance to the State Historical and Cultural Museum-Preserve "Cemeteries" expensive. Previously adult ticket cost 10 hryvnia, now - 15.

Authorization granted by its decision meeting of the executive committee of the Lviv City Council.

As explained museum director Michael Nagai, providing historical information for groups up to 10 people will be 80 hryvnia (previously 50 hryvnia) for groups where more than 20 persons - 120 hryvnia (was 80 hryvnia).

Post: 22 February 2013 in: News

Law enforcers have detained a woman who systematically steals in cemeteries. Since the beginning of the year to the police to complain about the theft turned five victims. In two cases, the crimes were uncovered.

Vandalism at cemeteries, mainly engaged in the homeless, sometimes teenagers. They steal everything - from the non-ferrous metals up wreaths and flowers.

Female detainees are systematically stealing from cemeteries artificial flowers and wreaths, then to the market to sell.

Post: 01 November 2012 in: News

Each year, a group of Ukrainian and Polish experts restoring tombstones of prominent citizens of Lviv, of different nationalities at Lychakiv cemetery.

The cost of restoration work on tombstones in a cemetery Lychakivsky in 2008-2012 as part of the Ukrainian-Polish project "Conservation of the common cultural heritage" will be 6 million 590 thousand UAH, the press service of the LСС.

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