Laying the flowers and landscaping

The priests of most confessions claim that the dead do not need physical manifestations of grief because they are in a different, better world, therefore it does not matter, how will be drawn his final resting place in our world. What matters is how sincerely we are sorry about our loss. And it is absolutely true. It matters to those who remained, to those who mourn them.

Plants and flowers planted on graves are the symbol of care for the dead, a symbol of rebirth, a symbol that memory of the deceased will live forever in our hearts.

Ideally, burial place should be as a complete composition, all parts of which are subjected to a common decorative design and complement each other, taking into requirements of the plants to the environment, the location of the burial and his light.

СThe specialists of our organization will lay in the place of burial at the time indicated by you selected compositions of named flowers:

  1. Floral compositions of flowers: red roses, gladiolus bright, fragrant aster, many-colored peonies, field daisies, carnations, gerberas, lilies, chrysanthemums, irises, tulips, freesia, etc.
  2. Plants for framing the graves: fir, juniper, lilac, barberry Thunberg etc.
  3. Bouquets made of artificial flowers
  4. Artificial garlands & baskets
Landscape of graves is made in the period from April 1st to December 1st. The cost of landscaping outside Lvov increases to pay for travel expenses at the rate of 1€ per 1km.

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Today we provide the grave care services in Lviv, Ternopil, Uzhgorod and its regions. In the near future, the activities of our company will expand throughout the territory of Ukraine.
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