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Historically, the city of Uzhgorod was formed and developed around the castle that originated on Castle Hill, here were the first burial of deceased citizens. Eminent owners of the castle were buried in the crypt of the castle church. Cemetery same for most citizens were on the left side of the Small Uzh on present street Dobrianskyi. Then it was called - Cemetery. But the flood of 1672 destroyed most of this street. We can assume that flooding was the cause of a new arrangement of the cemetery on a hill, namely on the mountain around.

On the map of Uzhhorod in 1800 this mountain has marked as Calvary with a chapel on top. Calvary - is the title of the oldest cemetery in Uzhgorod. Cemetery was divided into sectors. We can assume that from the outset there were two cemeteries. From the right side of the road hid Catholics on the left - reformers. 1826 on the initiative of the local parson Jozsef Linz began construction of one of the fourteen chapels in the cemetery. Research Uzhgorod Calvary Cemetery gave a lot of information about unknown burials of many famous people, whose work was inextricably linked with the history of Uzhgorod and region. Some burials are in disrepair and in need of protection and protection of monumental tombs with tombstones have survived intact.

City cemetery "Calvary"

At the end of the XIX century in Uzhgorod new cemetery was founded in the street Kapushanskiy located near the hospital. There are mostly poor people were buried who died in hospital. Even now you can see the cemetery gravestones cast iron crosses XIX century.

By Uzhgorod railway station was located a cemetery for the dead of cholera and typhoid, but the 50-60's. XX century it was liquidated.

In Uzhhorod, there were two Jewish cemeteries. The old cemetery was located in the cemetery in Radvantsi, new - Hungarian barracks near honvedskoho Infantry Regiment. In the neighborhood "Mine" at the beginning of the XX century was based soldiers cemetery Uzhgorod Regiment during the Austro-Hungarian Empire (1867-1918 gg.) And the Czechoslovak Republic (1919-1939 gg.), And the Germans and Hungarians who fell on site Uzhanskyi comitat during the First World War, then - Uzhansky fallen on the pass during the Second World War, in 1944.

The military cemetery of the First World War

Today the city is located within 9 cemeteries, of which almost all closed. In addition, outside the city, on land Baranynskoyi village council, is a cemetery "Periwinkle". Most of the graves there groomed, many monuments. However, there are also neglected that summer and not see because of the grass. Long time ago nobody don't plant flowers and lit candles …


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