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Despite the plans of the Polish government to hold a major repair of the Polish military memorial in Lychakiv cemetery in Lviv this year, only its cosmetic repair will take place. The Polish side changed its plans because of the crisis in the relations between Warsaw and Kiev.

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Report Data

  •   Igor F.
Order date: 12 jul 2019
Surname/Name deceased person: Mikhail F., Sonja Z.
Location: Lvov
Name of cemetery: Yanivske (jewish)
Completed works:
  • Evaluating technical condition of the burial place
  • Relaying and strengthening of tiles around the perimeter
  • Grinding and polishing the base of the monument, stella
  • Wet cleaning of the monument, anti-corrosion treatment and antifungal tool
  • Painting the fence
Due date: 20 jul 2019

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Dear customers of the internet resource!

Pleased to announce the expansion of the partner network «GraveCare» in Uzhgorod and regions. Now possible to provide all kinds of professional funeral services of our company in the region.

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Historically, the city of Uzhgorod was formed and developed around the castle that originated on Castle Hill, here were the first burial of deceased citizens. Eminent owners of the castle were buried in the crypt of the castle church. Cemetery same for most citizens were on the left side of the Small Uzh on present street Dobrianskyi. Then it was called - Cemetery. But the flood of 1672 destroyed most of this street. We can assume that flooding was the cause of a new arrangement of the cemetery on a hill, namely on the mountain around.

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Today we provide the grave care services in Lviv, Ternopil, Uzhgorod and its regions. In the near future, the activities of our company will expand throughout the territory of Ukraine.
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