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The territory of Holosko cemetery in Lviv going to expand. For this decision voted today, June 27, the executive committee of Lviv City Council.

Develop a plan to expand the cemetery department of housing and infrastructure assistance funds Lviv municipal enterprise "Production and restoration works of ritual services." After approval of the plan by the executive committee thereof, taking into account the results of public discussion, submit for approval by City Council.

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In the village of Yanukovych's gypsies are forbidden entrance to the cemetery. In the Ukrainian village Petrivtsi (near Kiev), gypsies temporarily banned access to the local cemetery, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine." The ban watching Special Forces soldiers "Berkut".

Village Petrivtsi remarkable fact that there is a presidential residence "Mezhyhirya."

Newspaper published a picture ads, from which it follows that the decision to ban was adopted by the local council. Gypsies, as noted, the entrance to the cemetery is prohibited "in the memorial days 22, 23 and 24 April."

The ad also says that the execution order of the village council will follow "Berkut".

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The key to success of any company - is a reliable partnership. Trust and professionalism are the basis for long-term relationships with our customers. We know that quality assurance and an individual approach - a card of all our partners.

Gravecare recommend to cooperate with:
Funeral firm «Memory» - funeral arrangements, the production of ritual attributes, search burial sites and to ensure proper care. Manufacturing of monuments in Volgograd (Russia).
PORTAL «MOIKORNI» - Care of the monuments and graves in Belarus. Search for burial, the restoration of monuments and update panels, landscaping, planting graves, placing flowers and artificial living - these and other services are offered by the program for the care of monuments and graves.
The company «Anubis» - First Ukrainian supermarket ritual paraphernalia, and related products. All-Ukrainian association of the funeral organizations, representation on the central region.
The company «Nash pamjatnik» - manufacture of tombstones in Russia (Krasnodar, Belorechensk)
Products for ritual services - production of wooden coffins and funeral wooden crosses. Delivery all around Ukraine.
Ritual funeral products - manufacturing facility of ritual goods. Delivery all around Ukraine.
Funeral services company «RP-Grant» - provides funeral services, monuments of any complexity, 3D designing monuments.
Saveagrave - information portal on the restoration and preservation of burial sites.
Company «ArtStone» - production of granite monuments in Donetsk.
Company «Memento mori» - invites you to memorialize their loved ones by placing an obituary on the project page.
Union funeral services in Moscow - free ritual referral service. Funeral services in Moscow. Union funeral services in Moscow - Moscow cemetery, funeral agents, funeral morgue.
Take Grave Care Inc - Grave Site Maintenance. We will professionally care for your beloved's eternal resting place with our professionally trained, reverent Grave Site Attendants.

Grave Concern - offers services for the care of graves in County Down (Northern Ireland).
GRAVESIDE GUARDIANS - Central and North New Jersey, USA based personal grave care services.
Enterprise «Monument» - leading manufacturer of granite monuments, artificial stone in western Ukraine.
EMKA PLUS - cleaning services for the graves and restoration of gravestones in Warsaw (Poland).
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