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Report Data

  • Norman L.A.
Order date: 8 april 2011
Surname/Name deceased person: Norman N.F.
Sity: Lvov
Name of cemetery: Holosko cemetery
Completed works:
  • Done cleaning the place of burial
  • Grinding and polishing the base of the monument
  • Wet cleaning of the monument, anti-corrosion treatment and antifungal tool
  • Mounted lamps, floral arrangements

Due date:

14 april 2011


Post: 27 May 2011 in: Lviv Cemeteries

The opening of this cemetery took place recently. Located 4 km from center village Davydov, near the street Levitsky.

Post: 27 May 2011 in: Lviv Cemeteries

Holosko cemetery - the largest cemetery in the modern city Lviv. Located in the northwest part of town (Holosko, Shevchenkivskyy region), near Bryuhovitskyy forest.

Area: 74,8 hectares.
Address: 79059, Lviv, Mykolaychuk str. 42.

Post: 27 May 2011 in: Lviv Cemeteries

The cemetery is located on the Shevchenko str, on the outskirts of the historic area - Kleparov. Its area is about 38ha. Over 200 000 graves are located on 68 fields. At the main entrance there is a chapel-column of 17 century, built in 1938 by project of architect Anton Lobos.

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