Payment services

The cost of provided works is specified in US Dollar. For the citizens of Ukraine the amount is according the exchange rate of the National Bank of Ukraine at the time of payment in Ukrainian hryvnia. For the citizens of other countries payment is in foreign currency (U.S. dollars or Euro). Our company provides all kinds of services for pre-orders on the following terms of payment:

  • when the cost of services is less than $90 - 100% advance payment
  • when the cost of services for more than $90 - 50% advance payment

The final payment must be provided in 7 (seven) days after you have seen on the photo the result of our work according to your order. The method of payment will be agreed with you after you contact us using the convenient mode of communication in the Contacts.

Payment Methods
  • Bank Transfer. The account number and the instructions in electronic form are sent to your e-mail address or fax number for payment for our services. Payment can be implemented in any bank of Ukraine. Commissions for the bank transfer are paid by our firm.
  • Remittances by international systems. We accept: Western Union, CONTACT, MoneyGram, Migom, UNISTREAM, Anelik, LIDER, Fast Mail, AVERS, PrivatMoney, VIGO, Coinstar Money Transfer, ALLURE. After the transfer you need to tell us the following information: country, city, name/surname, transferred amount and the transfer number. Commissions for the bank transfer are paid by client.
  • The system of instant Internet payments WebMoney. Accept: WMU(hryvnia), WMR(Russian rubles), WMZ(U.S. Dollar), WME(Euro).
  • The international system of electronic payments. We accept: PayPal, Moneybookers и VISA.
Pay attention! Detailed description and details for payment will be sent after order.

We accept

We accept

Project Geography

Today we provide the grave care services in Lviv, Ternopil, Uzhgorod and its regions. In the near future, the activities of our company will expand throughout the territory of Ukraine.
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