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Our company offers landscaping and maintenance of burial grounds, due to various circumstances of life left without supervision. Time inexorably to everything it touches. Left without a care graves falling into disrepair, overgrown with weeds, rusted railings, monuments and tombstones to decay, deteriorate, become useless.

We'll take care of all the timely care and improvement of the grave person close to you. Regular care of disposal for the year includes cleaning, decoration and landscaping of the tomb, cleaning, handling, maintenance of the monument, a flower garden, painting the fence.

We can also manufacture and replace the monument, a corrupted picture on the monument sign to refresh, renew the fence, lay paving stones. In the area of our responsibility is taking care of everything entrusted to us with regard to the grave, and by the contract. Burying a loved one entrusted to our care, will be well under supervision, as you will regularly inform our representatives by sending a photo report on the work done.


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About us

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Today we provide the grave care services in Lviv, Ternopil, Uzhgorod and its regions. In the near future, the activities of our company will expand throughout the territory of Ukraine.
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