13 March 2019

Repair of the Lviv's cemetery

Written by  gravecare

Despite the plans of the Polish government to hold a major repair of the Polish military memorial in Lychakiv cemetery in Lviv this year, only its cosmetic repair will take place. The Polish side changed its plans because of the crisis in the relations between Warsaw and Kiev.

RMF FM reports with reference to its own sources.

Despite the money available in the budget and the approved reconstruction concept, due to the tense situation in the Polish-Ukrainian relations, the official Warsaw decided not to apply for permission for reconstruction, but would restrict itself only to the repair of the cemetery. This requires only the consent of the relevant structures of the city authorities of Lviv. Instead, more extensive work requires the consent of the interministerial commission.

According to unofficial media reports, at the moment the Polish side does not want to create a new potential conflict with Ukraine.

Recall that in August 2017 the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry handed a note of protest to Polish ambassador to Ukraine Janov Pecko in connection with the Polish party's intentions to place on the pages of the new passport of Poland an image of the so-called "cemetery of the Orlyats" on the territory of the Lychakiv cemetery in Lviv.


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