01 November 2012

The restoration of tombstones

Written by  gravecare

Each year, a group of Ukrainian and Polish experts restoring tombstones of prominent citizens of Lviv, of different nationalities at Lychakiv cemetery.

The cost of restoration work on tombstones in a cemetery Lychakivsky in 2008-2012 as part of the Ukrainian-Polish project "Conservation of the common cultural heritage" will be 6 million 590 thousand UAH, the press service of the LСС.

Under this project, all the work funded by the Ministry of Culture National Heritage of the Republic of Poland, and do the work together Lviv and Polish experts.

The current phase of restoration work covered tombstone Mieczyslaw Potocki, restorer of monuments of Eastern Galicia, an ensemble of three monuments Weigl's family, a family tomb of Lviv museum worker Hilary Swiecicki, tombstone historian and writer Anthony Yablonovsky, tombstone Zosia Lang, said the Department of Cultural Heritage of the Ministry of Culture and national Heritage of the Republic of Poland.

In previous years, was also carried out comprehensive professional restoration work on 22 tombstones monuments and tombs, including: Armenian archbishops and Isaac Samuel Stefanovic Isaakovich Ukrainian philologist and literary Emilian Ogonovskogo, artist Arthur Grottgera, historian and writer Carol Shaynohi, Ukrainian poet and writer Markiyan Shashkevych, pupil of Frederic Chopin, the composer and pianist, founder of the Lviv Conservatory Karol Mikula, politics, President of the Parliament of Austria-Hungary Franciszek Smolkov known German sculptors and Anton Hartmann Vitver Shimsera, Ukrainian historian, ethnographer and writer Denis Zubritsky, writer and publicist Gabriela Zapolskaya.

According to the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland Michal Michalski, restoration of tombstones, the project will continue in the next year.


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