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Historically, the city of Uzhgorod was formed and developed around the castle that originated on Castle Hill, here were the first burial of deceased citizens. Eminent owners of the castle were buried in the crypt of the castle church. Cemetery same for most citizens were on the left side of the Small Uzh on present street Dobrianskyi. Then it was called - Cemetery. But the flood of 1672 destroyed most of this street. We can assume that flooding was the cause of a new arrangement of the cemetery on a hill, namely on the mountain around.

Mykulynetske cemetery was open in 1840 for the disposal of residents of Ternopil. Located along the Mikulinetska street. Opposite is situated the Jewish cemetery, which was closed since 1839.

At the Mykulynetske cemetery buried many prominent figures of Ukrainian history and culture: the first was buried at the cemetery the monk Stelling (02/23/1841). Also survived graves of M.Bauer (sculptor John B.Shimzer), Anna and Emily Huber (sculptor Paul Evtele) Luchakivskogo V.D., priest Vladimir Gromnitskaya, Kalina V.I. Also here were buried OUN leaders Goloyad P. and Prishlyak J., mayors Pohoretsky F. and Luchakivsky B. General of UNR army Meshkovskii E., lieutenant UGA Leo Lukashevich, lieutenant of UIA A.Poliovyj - "Ostap", poets Demkiv B., Vyhrusch V., artists Bentsaleva T., Zagrebelnyi P., Kalin V., Koval S., Onypko S., the hundreds of Sich Riflemen, who perished in the battle against the invaders .

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