21 May 2013

Restoration centenary fence

Written by  gravecare

This year will restore the brick and wrought-iron cemetery fence. This was the director of the Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve "Lychakiv Cemetery".

«We have started maintenance forged fence between the two input gates. Repair touch stone blocks from foundation to painting. This is the volume element in financial terms. In addition, planned to renovate incoming Austrian gate 1917 which is at the entrance from the street Cheremshyny.

Other repairs will be associated with the repair of the brick fence: Set roofs, replacement of brick elements overlap. Robots perform architectural workshop "Renaissance" to repair the fence will spend about 95 thousand UAH., It is planned to finish in late June, "- said museum director.

In addition, the museum will raise about 70 old monuments that have long nobody attends and who are decades in the earth. Also, plan to renovate two Ukrainian tombstone: Alexis Toronskoho, teacher Ivan Franko Drohobych school, and the first Ukrainian who was director of the Lviv police Joachim Homytskoho.

The leadership plans to put in the old part of several tens of meters of track borders and basalt stones, ie elements that suit the old cemetery.


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