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National Historical and Cultural Museum “Lychakiv Cemetery”- famous memorial cemetery in Lviv based on area of 40 ha.

The main entrance to the cemetery is located on the Mechnikov str, 33. At the cemetery are about 300 000 graves, located in 86 fields, erected more than 2,000 tombs, 500 sculptures and reliefs.


Exists from 1786 - after the Austrian authorities have banned to bury people in the old cemeteries that are located in the city around the churches. Cemetery was meant for the city center and IV section of the city. At the cemetery are mostly buried wealthy and prominent residents.

The oldest preserved tombstones are related to 1787 and 1797. Cemetery begins at sites that now occupy the field 6, 7, 9, 10, 14.

In 1804 and 1808 there was a significant increase the area of the cemetery by purchasing adjacent land from private owners. In 1856 there was invited a university botanist Carl Bauer, who, along with the head of the cemetery Pacific Thuzhevskim sequenced the territory. Were planned alleys and sidewalks, so the cemetery was given the character of the park area.

After the Second World War at the cemetery were build standard headstones. Starting from then in the first field were buried more notable citizens of the city. In the remaining fields on the free sites were buried ordinary people. At the same time were eliminated some of the platforms and tracks.

In 1975 was decided to stop burials. An exception is made only for very famous people, families with their own vaults, and in some cases are allowed burials in existing graves of relatives after a 25-year period of burial.

During the Soviet period due to ill-considered procedure for determining the place for new burials, the lack of proper care for the graves, whose family moved to Poland, a shortage of funds to health, the cemetery has undergone significant damage, damaged many monuments and tombs of high artistic value. Therefore, since the mid 1970's the public in Lviv, representatives of the intelligentsia, the Ukrainian Society for the Protection of Monuments of History and Culture, the media have repeatedly appealed to the power structures with the requirement to provide a cemetery reserve status, as well as protection and restoration of its artistic heritage. July 10, 1990 by decision of the Lviv City Council the area Lychakiv cemetery was declared a historical and cultural reserve of local importance. Since 1991, its membership has included the cemetery Hill of Fame.

Here are buried many famous people:
  • writers: Ivan Franko, Marcian Shashkevych, Gregory Tyutyunnik, Maria Konopnickiej, Gabriel Zapolskaya, Julian Opilsky, Alexander Gavrilyuk, Stepan Tudor, Peter Karmansky, Michael Yatskiv, Basil Pachevsky, Roman Fedorov, Rostislav Bratun, Irina Wilde, Peter Kozlanyuk, Gregory Boredom, Michael Rudnitsky Yuri Shkrumelyak, Gregory Chubai, Jacob Stetsyuk, Igor Rymaruk, Nazar Gonchar, Basil Levitsky, Marika Pidgiryanka;
  • painters, sculptors: Jaroslav Music, Leopold Levitsky, Elena Kulchitskaya, Jacob Gnezdovo, Eugene Lysikov, Emmanuel Misko, Vitaly Ginzburg, Theodosius Brigitte, Viktor Savin, Yuri Stefanchuk, Eugene Dzindra, Michael Dzyndra, Igor Bodnar, Arthur Grotger;
  • architects: Julian Zaharievich, Ivan Levinsky;
  • composers: Vladimir Ivasyuk, Igor Bilozir, Stanislav Lyudkevych Filaret Kolessa, Nicholas Kolessa, Anatole Vahnyanin, Anatoly Kos-Anatolsky;
  • folklorists, ethnographers: Vladimir Barvinsky, Volodymyr Hnatiuk, Ivan Vagilevich;
  • artists: Solomiya Krushelnytska, Ivan Rubchak, Basil Yaremenko, Nadejda Dotsenko, Paul Karmalyuka, Ivan Matsyalko;
  • scientists: Stefan Banach, Emelyan Ogonowski, Alexander Ogonowski, Karol Shaynoha, Isidore Sharanevich, Alexander Barvinsky, Ivan Kripyakevich, Vladimir Levitsky, Vasily Schurat, Joseph Zastirets, Jaroslav Pidstrigach, Michael Sheremet'ev, Michael Kobrin, Michael Rolle, Orestes Matsjuk, Yuri Kirichuk Oswald Balzer, Benedict Dybovskiy;
  • community and government leaders: Eugene Petrushevich, Dmitry Vitovsky, Alexander Tisovszky, Michael Matchak Myron Korduba, Ivan Kurovets, Julian Romanchuk, Jaroslaw Baranowski, Adam Kotzk, Jaroslav Kulachkovsky, Henrik Revakovich;
  • galician metropolitans: Gregory Yacimovich (1792-1863), Spiridon Litvinovich (1810-1869), Bishop Nikolai Charnyetski etc.

Cemetery is different from other for its beautiful monuments of grief (Hartmann Witwer, Anton Shimzer, Joseph Shimzer, Tadeusz Baronch, Konstantin Godebsky, Julian Markov, Gregory Kuznevicha, etc).
Numerous chapels attracts the attention. Among them is differs by size and attractiveness chapel of the Armenian family Kshechunovichev. It is situated on a hill and to the front door you have to climb 20-steps.

Field of Honor

Field of Honor" is part of the 67-th field. Here are established the mortal remains of Catherine Zaritsky (1914-1986) which is buried beside her husband Michael Soroka (1911-1971). His ashes were transferred from the concentration camp number 17 in Mordovia in 1991. In 1997, there was buried the outstanding figure of the UIA Duzhyy Peter (1916-1997).
Referred to the territory of the reconstruction Fields of Honor made graves of prominent cultural figures:

  • people's artist of Ukraine Boris Romanitsky (1891-1988))
  • people's artist of Nadia Dotsenko (1914-1994)
  • dancer Oleg Stalinkyj (1907-1980)
  • honoured artist of Ukraine Nina Tychinskiy (1943-1989)
  • social activist and poet Rostislav Bratunya (1927-1995)
  • Demian Pelehatogo (1926-1994)
Graves in the beginning of the main avenues

The main alley of the cemetery begins between the chapels of Adamski and Bachivsky and elongated oval passes through the entire cemetery. At the beginning of the avenue is formed Ukrainian memorial in the fields number 3, 4, 5, and adjacent.

Monuments, tombs along the main avenues:

  • Great Kamenyar monument at the grave of Ivan Franko - established in 1933. The monument by the sculptor S. Litvinenko is associated with the famous poem "Masons"
  • monument grave of Markiyan Shashkevych made in the workshop of Henrik Perrier.
  • monument at the grave of Vladimir Barvinskiy sculptor S. R. Lewandowski.
  • next to the tomb and burial Barvinsky, including in particular, Alexander and Vasyl Barvinskii.
  • monument at the grave of Orpheus Solomia Krushelnitska
  • monument at the grave patron, honorary citizen of Lviv Vasyl Ivanitsky
  • Below is an exemplary diagram Lychakiv cemetery (to enlarge - click on photo):
A schematic map of the cemetery Lychakiv

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