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Mykulynetske cemetery was open in 1840 for the disposal of residents of Ternopil. Located along the Mikulinetska street. Opposite is situated the Jewish cemetery, which was closed since 1839.

At the Mykulynetske cemetery buried many prominent figures of Ukrainian history and culture: the first was buried at the cemetery the monk Stelling (02/23/1841). Also survived graves of M.Bauer (sculptor John B.Shimzer), Anna and Emily Huber (sculptor Paul Evtele) Luchakivskogo V.D., priest Vladimir Gromnitskaya, Kalina V.I. Also here were buried OUN leaders Goloyad P. and Prishlyak J., mayors Pohoretsky F. and Luchakivsky B. General of UNR army Meshkovskii E., lieutenant UGA Leo Lukashevich, lieutenant of UIA A.Poliovyj - "Ostap", poets Demkiv B., Vyhrusch V., artists Bentsaleva T., Zagrebelnyi P., Kalin V., Koval S., Onypko S., the hundreds of Sich Riflemen, who perished in the battle against the invaders .

In 1920 created 8 graves of Sich Riflemen, fitted oak crosses and built a fence depicting Tryzub, which was destroyed during the Second World War. Soviet authorities in 1976 destroyed the monuments by bulldozers. In 1989 the people of Ternopil tidied the grave, installed a cross, and in 2000 revolutionized the community - set 8 Maltese crosses, chief Cossack cross and granite slab. In the 12 series is a memorial to the Belgian Armored Division soldiers who died in the Ternopil region in 1916-17 years. Elite Belgian Armored Division ASM was created December 1 1914 to support Russia in the First World War. Associate Professor of Journalism in August Thiry wrote a book about division and warriors - "Pilgrims of the Great War".

Not far from the memorial Ukrainian Sich Riflemen rest German soldiers who fought in the First World War. In Ternopil killed about 8,000 German soldiers. All the dead were buried on the left side of the Mykulynetske cemetery.

German military burial of First World War

At the Mykulynetske cemetery in 1864 Jesuits built a chapel space. Over time, it handed over to the Ternopil Roman Catholic abbot. Today, the church uses the Roman Catholics of the city. In the wall of the church in honor of the famous ternopolyan bricked 18 commemorative tables.

Cemetery in the vil.Pidgorodnje

The Cemetery in the vil.Pidgorodnje 16 ha discovered relatively recently burial residents. Located 3 km away from Ternopil.


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