10 July 2013

GPS service search

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Dear users of our internet resource!

Gravecare company offers its customers a new service - the exact location on the graves of the deceased with the help of the Global Positioning System GPS. This service is provided as a standalone service or in conjunction with prospecting for burial.

Procedure of service
After carrying out all kinds of "classic" search works to determine the place of burial of the deceased - employees record the geographic coordinates in degrees / minutes / seconds for use in smart phones with GPS or communicators, as well as a decimal number to viewing on the known maps from Google, Yandex, Wikimapia. Next, the geographical coordinates of the graves are sent to the client in two formats for online maps and mobile devices.
Now, in order to visit the grave of the deceased, family and friends will not have to re-conduct complex searches on already existing data (field, row, place). Enough to use GPS-navigator, or mobile device, by which the process of searching the grave.

Through this approach, and the availability of quality modern equipment, we can guarantee a good result of work and timely execution of services.

Example of geographical coordinates (central entrance Golosko cemetery)

  • The coordinates for the GPS-devices: latitude 49°53′18.41″N, longitude 24°1′14.57″E
  • Coordinates for online maps: latitude 49.888446, longitude 24.020714 (Google: satellite | map, Yandex: satellite | map)

If you have questions - call, write, chat, contact (for details, see Contacts). Always glad to help.

Sincerely, administration of service «GraveCare».

Today GPS measurements are the most accurate, fast and convenient way to determine the most coordinate point. GPS equipment used in the performance of cadastral and topographic work to control at construction sites and during the site investigation. Traditional instruments used in the field, provide a sufficiently good results. However, in those cases where a maximum true coordinate determination area in real-time or minimal time consuming, GPS-systems are used. GPS-measurements have several advantages over traditional methods of determining origin. First, it is possible to make measurements in difficult weather conditions and in the dark. Second, some systems allow you to get results in real-time on-site work. Third, the ability to calculate the coordinates, if the distance between the source and determine the points that are outside of the zone of visibility.

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