Restoration of graves and monuments

As a result of frost, wind, rainfall and occasional care gravestones, monuments and tombs on the graves of your loved ones may be in poor condition. We provide the following recovery services at the graves of:

  1. Grinding gravestones monuments made of cement, concrete, marble chips
  2. Recovery cleaved parts of marble and granite monuments
  3. Cleaning gravestones, monument, tomb
  4. Update inscriptions on monuments, gravestones, tombs
  5. Updated photos on the monuments, tombs, gravestones (if original)
  6. Alignment gravestones monuments (slabs, "pillows", "sail")
This service is based on the assessment of technical condition of the place of burial (gravestones monument, slab, vault) in a separate calculation and agreement of the parties with the mandatory provision of documentary photographs before and after services.